Monday, January 13, 2014

The #1 Loper Issue...

Ya'll know what i'm talking about...

The Dreaded Affliction known as "Loper Bum"

and who has it?

Guilty as charged. no shame on this blog my friends, whose got time for that?

I took a couple months off for the holidays and when I came down to Arizona, I had gotten weak. After one day of some serious loping for a show, and a terrible choice in underwear, I had the worst case of jello thighs and an even worse case of 'ol loper bum.

It was not pretty.

Loper Bum is one of those things that us female riders all joke about, but it's kind of one of those "behind closed doors/for female conversations only" jokes, no? Well... one of our clients left me a birthday present... on our desk in the middle of our shared barn at our very busy, multi-trainer facility... with a note specifying that it was for me.

What was the gift?

This product, which is apparently really good, but also very loudly packaged.

So now everyone at our very busy, multi-trainer facility knows that I have a very bad case of "Loper Bum".

I'll just be here.