- longer than the most direct way -

My journey into cutting horses has been nothing less than circuitous. 

At 18 years old I rode a friend's cutting horse on a flag and thought, "I want to do this". 

From there I attempted to find lessons through various trainers. I quickly found out two things 1. Most cutting horse trainers don't have lesson horses & if they do, 2. Lessons are fricken' expensive. I quickly watched my bank account circle down the drain, and unfortunately, it was spiraling quicker than I was learning. 

Then, I switched direction and went to work for a cutting horse trainer in my home province of Alberta. She informed me she was moving back down to the states and a few months later, I found myself working for a big time trainer in Weatherford, Texas. For the first time I was being called a "loper", I was loping at the big shows and I was really discovering what that meant. 

Then, three months into a cold Texas winter (read: record breaking ice storms), my previous boss called from Arizona. She asked if I was interested to come work for her, and do a lot more one-on-one training. I, once again, jumped onto a new path and hopped on a plane. I found myself in Arizona, in the sun, and in a new crew of trainers & lopers I didn't know. 

So who am I? 

The Circuitous Cutter... Duh...

But, other than that...
I'm still a loper for a cutting horse trainer. I'm also a writer, (one that laughs at her own posts - hopefully you do too!), a lover of stories, and still an obsessed little "horse girl." I have yet to do that long walk down to the herd in the show pen but i'm hopefully creeping closer down this circuitous journey to become a cutter.

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