Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Adventures in: Dragging a Pen

The day has come.

I have been informed that Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it is MY responsibility to drag our square and round pen for ourselves, and another cutting horse trainer.

I will admit that I have never dragged a pen, nor driven a tractor.

Hilarity ensues...

Between the tractor almost blowing up...

Barely making it into the square pen until someone screamed "PUT THE LOADER DOWN"..

People watching me drag the pen while shaking their heads...

An hour later...
& the Circuitous Cutter gets tapped out by the other cutting horse trainer on the property...

Now, I am planning on googling "how to drag a pen" because CLEARLY my way was just not working.


  1. Too funny, but at least you didn't hit any trees or take out any fences. I have done both in the last month!

    1. don't worry Cindy - they don't allow me to use the water truck because they think i'll take the entire cutting pen down. :) I'm right there with ya.

      ps. I am planning on calling you one of these days - we've been SO busy and on the road so much I don't even know if Rio Verde is "home" haha