Sunday, April 6, 2014

One Upping the Horse Show Dog

Whilst at a show in Las Vegas I came across a very strange creature on a trolley... a pygmy goat. It was hopping up and down and squirling around and just having the time of it's life.

I wondered if maybe all those endless circles in the warm-up pen was making me absolutely crazy.

Then, at a show in Arizona, I came across it again...

... A loper owned the little guy, the mom had rejected it and so she was bottle feeding it. It was the strangest, craziest, horse show pet I have come across thus far in my journey.

Take that mini-aussies, you definitely aren't as cool as this thing.


  1. It's funny, horses don't seem to mind goats. The great Depth Charge had a goat as his lifelong companion.

  2. Hahaha. My parents bought me a pygmy goat when I was 8, thinking it would 'fix' the horse obsession.

    It didn't.