Friday, May 9, 2014

My First Time...

... Showing.

Basically, I want you guys to get in the mindset that I had when I was heading into the pen, so listen to this little tune & accompanying video...

Most importantly the verse...

"His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There's vomit on his sweater already, Mom's Spaghetti."

Okay... so I didn't really enter the ring like I was living in detroit, repped do-rags, rapped at night and sold drugs by day, but Myself and Rabbit (Eminem's character in 8 mile) do have something in common.

We happened to do a big 'ol choke.

So what happened?

Well... First things first... I walked into the herd with a fresh horse. 
Wow... loper of the century over here, can't even lope my own horse.
Then I got into the herd & sort of... blacked out.

Basically I was going for a shape cut and realized as I began driving (way too many) cows up that I didn't exactly know how to shape cut. 
Well, shit.

I got a cow infront of me and that cow took one look at me, turned tail and smashed past me at the wall, right back to the herd. 
Well, shit.

My second cow was alright, and I got something done, but when I went to turn back to the herd my horse hung in the bridle and I grabbed the reins with my second hand.
Well, shit.

My third cow did something very similiar to my first cow.
Well, shit.

& I chipped one off the top for my last cow and got to work a little bit before I heard the buzzer go off.

My score?

A Solid 63.

I left the pen & every part of me was screaming:

But, a client and I were talking after and she said to me,
"The first time I showed, I fell off my horse in the pen. It was terrible. Somebody said to me then, 'Well, your first time showing is over and you'll never have to do it again.'"

& by golly she is right,
never. again.

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  1. My first show I forgot the pattern.. and the obstacles were clearly numbered. :)